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I have discovered something I have been searching for my entire life.   Something that in 60 days....took me from this picture at 263 pounds.....

to....217 pounds.   That is 46 pounds in 60 days. 


I am hosting a LIVE Workshops at our Raleigh at our clinic.   If you would like to be a part of either one...go to http://www.totalweightlossclinic.com and register

Dr. Joel Wallach from Youngevity!   Dr. Weir loves his products...and you can get them too!  Go to the address below and sign up as a "preferred customer" to get the products wholesale!! 


You were born to succeed.  Sometimes, we get "off the path".  You'll love this new book Dr Weir c0-authored with such greats as: Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield from Chicken Soup Books and motivational speaker, Les Brown.  It is $19.95.

Trouble Sleeping? Muscle Pain?  You have seen Dr. Weir on TV Talk about it...
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