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June celebrates Dr. Weir's 34th year in practice.  He is known all over the world for his treatment of Fibromyalgia, his 5 books, his radio show, his tv show, but the people in Raleigh, NC just know him as "Doc".  Stop in the week of June 22-25 and let him know you appreciate him.

Thousands of people around the world have found help with Fibromyalgia.   Dr. Weir breaks it down only like Dr. Weir can!!   Order it right now.  Easy to read, life changing!


Rapid Release Technique 
This amazing instrument actually resonates with scar tissue.  Out of all the therapies in my office, it is the most amazing.  In about 45 seconds to a minute, people with all kinds of joint problems walk out....many times....painfree.   It restores movement to the joints like nothing I have ever seen before.   It is now being released so that anyone can buy one.   Check it out at https://rapidreleasetech.com/www.drtimweir.com?ref=100

I'm giving you my address.  5821 Falls of Neuse  Raleigh, NC 27609.   That is the address you'll use to send the Thank You card!!!   

  You can also see it every evening at 8:30 on the "Mountain TV NETWORK"   Join him Tuesday on "Sky Angel Network" and Thursdays on "WALK TV".   

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